Saturday, April 14, 2012

A day to remember

It is little bit silly. The title of this post wants to make this day remarkable but my trading during this day was terrible. I ended up with +10€ profit. Hah. What is it? Really difficult day to trade, at least from my point of view. What about you guys? share your results in comments below...

But, you know what? never mind. I don't care about the profit or loss.

It was a day of drama when Neptune Collonges won by a nose (wau, I really enjoyed the finish) and, unfortunately, it was tragic day at the same time for Cheltenham Gold cup winner :( The horse died following a fall at the sixth fence. It was actually really painful to watch.

Clearly what we saw today isn’t how we would want the Grand National to be remembered - admitted Julian Thick - I don't think so. This is the day to remember and to take a lesson to avoid similar situations in the future.

Neptune Collonges ridden by Daryl Jacob

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm looking for person who...

Hello everybody,
thanks for all the comments and emails I've received recently. I didn't get a chance to answer all of them, but I will so in near future.
The my idea about the videos seems ok for some people and some people find it useless. I don't know...I need to think about it more.

The main summer season for horse racing has already ended and that makes me thinking I should start to look for other sports for trading. No, I don't leave horses, but I think a trader should be able to trade more than one kind of sport. I tried trading tennis years ago, but didn't succeed too much :/

So now I am looking for a person who trades any other sport e.g. tennis, cricket, NFL, (excluding soccer) professionally. The person should be full-time trader. If you are reading this, just get in touch (simply drop me an email) and we can teach each other. We will change IMs so you can chat with me during my horse racing trading, I will try to explain you my thoughts in real time. On the other hand, you should teach me how to trade your sport. Deal?


Monday, July 18, 2011

I am back + trading videos explained + an idea

Hi everyone
firstly, sorry for the lack of my posts recently. I am busy these days and I cant trade as many times per week as I used to do because I am starting my own business with my brother. I think I will not be able to trade all my life, so building something real, something profitable and stable is what I need and want right now. 

With regards to my trading, yesterday was ok, very easy to read, I think I had only one or two losing races. But at the end, the last hour or so I had to end my trading because of headache :(.
Friday and Saturday as I can remember now, wasn't so good for trading. I ended only a few Euros in profit, the markets were extremely manipulated and due to this fact very strange. I remember one race (I think it was Friday) everytime when I had entered the market the trend turned against me and everytime I made a loss in this race. And this is one of the reasons why I am starting a completely new business (miles away from trading) where I can (hopefully) make only profit and no more losses.

As you have probably noticed on my blog, I wanted to know how many traders are out there willing to view what I am doing at the markets. To be honest, I didn't expect so many persons who entered they email addresses on my blog. That makes me thinking that I simple can not upload somewhere my trading pattern. I have my advantage because I am thinking differently. I don't follow the crowd. Crowd can't make money, otherwise everybody might be profitable, but they are not. And here is my advantage, where other traders make mistakes. Hope that makes a sense and you understand my position. 

However, I don't want to disappoint my readers. I was thinking to make something like a "Video tutoring centre". People can post their trading videos and other readers/bloggers/traders (including me from time to time) can post their advices to the submitter in the comments below the video. The question is: how much can this help? It's just an idea. 
Feel free to let me know your opinion about this in comments below or by email. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

After Cheltenham and trading videos

Hope everyone enjoyed this festival. It brought more money than I actually was thinking, especially in Cheltenham market, the huge amounts of money offered to us almost perfect situations for scalping for 1 or 2 ticks with big money. In the other markets I was usually looking for bigger swings than normal and they happened from time to time. And my profits?: +2289€ for 4 days (I didn't trade on weekend). Yeah, it was great. I really enjoyed it.

---Trading videos---
I was chatting with some traders during last week and there are some really nice guys. I've decided to make some videos (3-5) showing me trading. Depending on demand for my videos I will upload it somewhere and I will send the link to all of my subscribers. So if you are interested in, submit your email address in right sidebar.  >>>>


Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi everybody, just a few minutes to Tuesday 14th March and the day who everyone trader expects is definitely here.

I must admit, I have big expectations from Cheltenham this year. It is caused by these reasons:

20 March 1941

1. This year it will be my first year of full-time trading as I am fulltime trader from June last year.

2. This year is 100 Years of Cheltenham, so it is reason for more liquidity, more money, more moves and more profit :)

3. Cant wait to make some money. So excited!

But who knows? Maybe I will end wit a super big loss like last year :(. It is all about your emotion in these days and more than important is a good start. So I wish everyone good luck tomorrow.

See you on BF markets. Hope BF will be stable. I pray for it :)